Just a friendly reminder that in the event any of the links do not work in our old release posts (any post prior to June of 2017 would count as "old release post"), our releases can always be found at,,, or on IRC via XDCC...

SleepSub Leader, Translator, TLC, K-Timer, Typsetter, Encoder
Rocker2344 Co-Leader, Webmaster
amberdrake Amberdrake Project Leader, Translator, TLC, Karaoke, Typsetter, Encoder, Timer
luridfuzz Luridfuzz Project Leader, Editor, QC


Tobikage v2 Tobikage Translator, TLC
Vaklore Translator
kakashi mangekyou KakashiCopyNinja AFX Kara Maker, Timer, K-Timer, Typsetter, Encoder
Kaitou Kid Kaitou_Kid Timer, Editor, QC
  Gohan-san Editor, QC
  Majjin QC
  KatanaKiwi Timer, QC, Encoder
 Wolfpup Wolfpup QC, Encoder
  Nyx Editor
  ThumperZ1 Editor, QC
    FinalDevil FinalDevil Encoder
  Kenpachi_91 Encoder
  superjose Timer
 tonydanza tonydanza Encoder
 roughy92 roughy92 Timer
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